CAIRO – 12 March 2021: A new solar energy plant was inaugurated on Thursday at Tawasol Community School in the impoverished neighbourhood of Istabl Antar, located in the Cairo slum area of Ezbet Khairallah, according to a statement by the UN Media Center in Cairo.

The inauguration was attended by Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Silvan Merlin, UN Assistant Representative Mohamed Bayoumi and Director General of Small Grants Programe Emad Adly attended the inauguration. 

“The association is seeking to develop the slum areas of Ezbet Khairallah emanating from a strong belief in the importance of the role of civil society and community participation in solving the problem of school dropouts, illiteracy as well as creating job opportunities, said Deputy Chairman of Tawasol Association Yasmina Abu Youssef.

Abu Youssef explained that Tawasol school “is a unique model reflecting the state's efforts in development of slum areas.”

She further added that Tawasol school “faces the problem of school dropouts and unemployment in the poor areas.” 

Merlin, on his part, said such projects are part of a program to implement Egypt's development strategy for 2030 and its sustainable development objectives especially pertaining to doubling the production of electricity depending on renewable sources.

Built over an area of 1,050 sqm, the school has the capacity to host over 500 students. It was established in 2008 to cater to children who had escaped traditional schooling. The project aims to help them re-enrol in the education system, and to learn skills. 


Source: Egypt Today.